Super Inductive System Therapy
The Super Inductive System (SIS) is an innovative therapy using an intense electromagnetic field, which has positive therapeutic effects on human tissue. It can be focused on a specific body part and it is not necessary to undress for its application. To benefit from this treatment you may sit or lie, depending on the location of the troublesome body part. The applicator is then placed near the area to be treated without touching the skin.

Pain Relief - SIS Therapy Arm - The Nantwich Clinic - Podiatrist near Crewe
Pain Relief - SIS Therapy Back - The Nantwich Clinic - Podiatrist near Crewe

How does the Super Inductive System help?

SIS therapy brings immediate pain relief for all stages of disorders, whether chronic or acute. Up to 87% of patients described an improvement in their health from using the SIS.

Further effects include:
Fracture healing
Muscle relaxation 
Muscle stimulation
Joint mobilisation

Pain Relief - SIS Therapy Knee - The Nantwich Clinic - Podiatrist near Crewe

Thanks to a wide range of stimulation frequencies, SIS can be indicated for its analgesic effects at all stages of pain

Talk to us about this treatment if you have: 
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome
Spastic Reduction
Nerve Damage
Acquired Respiratory Disease
Slipped Disc
Impingement Syndrome
Back Pain (or any joint pain)
Muscle Atrophy

Customer Testimonials:

“The pain in my wrist was keeping me awake at night. I’m now able to sleep through, I’m pain free.”

“Pain in my finger prevented me from playing the violin. After one session with the SIS I can now play again.”

“The pain I was feeling was so extreme that I was afraid of being driven over bumps in the road, I didn’t walk the dog and couldn’t lift the shopping. After 10 sessions with the SIS I am no longer taking pain relief medication and have returned to driving. My husband says I have my sparkle back!”


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