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National Feet Week

National Feet Week 2021 | The Nantwich Clinic | Health Care & Self Care | Nantwich | Cheshire

This week is National Feet Week where Podiatrists up and down the UK are talking even more about feet than normal – if that were possible 😉

Why are our feet important and why should you see a Podiatrist?
Podiatrists have spent a minimum of three years studying the feet and lower limbs – how they move in connection with the rest of the body, what can go wrong with them and how things that are wrong within the body can show themselves in your feet!

Three years is a long time and most continue to learn and specialise throughout their careers. With this in mind – who do you go to if you have tooth ache? That’s right, a dentist. So, when you have painful feet, who should you see? A Podiatrist!

Podiatry is about the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of everything foot and lower limb related – bones, muscles, skin and nails and a Podiatrist’s day can be extremely varied – you name something that can go wrong with feet and a Podiatrist can deal with it 😊

As we get older, and if we are living with certain illnesses such as Diabetes, it is important to get our feet checked regularly. As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure” – keep on top of your foot health.
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