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Fantastic service. I went in earlier today for a quick consultation and he helped ease my issue there and then. Great knowledge, great service. I couldn’t recommend any more. 

If I could it would be 6 stars but yeah great guy, kind receptionist, everything you need!

Nicholas Liggins

I’ve been going to the Nantwich Clinic for donkey’s years, not are they a cheerful friendly lot but 100% professional. Walking out of the building after having your feet done is a feeling second to none (well almost 😏) Never in a rush, you feel a darn sight better when you walk out than when you walk in. If you want the best care for your feet then this is your best choice.


Very professional friendly service. The foot care provided is always 100 percent i go every 6 weeks and it makes me feel so much better as like alot of people I am on my feet for a lot of hours in the day. I would recommend the Nantwich clinic to anyone.

Darron Adamson


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