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Laser Treatment

Our high intensity laser treatment helps with healing, increasing metabolism and pain relief. It can be used alongside physiotherapy and sports medicine, promoting pain management.

It is also used to help the following conditions: Tinnitus, acne, chronic pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, chronic back pain, joint cartilage degradation, impingement syndrome, plantar fasciitis and more.

Laser treatment

What is a high intensity laser treatment?

High intensity laser light technology is based within the already known principles of low level laser therapy that has been used in non-invasive aesthetic treatments for many years already. By upping the intensity of the laser energy, and choosing the correct wavelengths to allow for deep tissue penetration, high intensity laser treatment can provide a powerful method of pain management.

For high intensity laser treatment, it generally uses light that is produced in one specific wavelength, for example, 1064nm. Wavelength, along with power, is what defines a therapeutic laser treatment and this is important as there is an ideal “therapeutic window” where there are benefits for human tissue (between approximately 650-110nm). The 1064nm wavelength is at the higher limit, and provides a good ratio of penetration and absorption into the tissues.

Through natural transfer of energy (the processes of biostimulation and photomechanics), high intensity laser energy is able to speed up the effects of the bodies existing healing processes and its ability to regenerate.

High intensity laser

How does laser treatment work?

High intensity laser treatment is generally performed via one of two different modes, these are pulsed and continuous energy. Each of these different modes affect the tissues differently and are capable of providing different medicinal effects to the body.

Pulsed energy is capable of providing;

  • Analgesic (pain relief) effects that happen when short pulses are triggered at a high rate of repetition, creating pressure waces that are carried through the tissue to relieve pain by stimulating free nerve endings.
  • Microcirculation stimulation can aid with lymph drainage, helping to free the lymph and aid in tissue healing.
  • The energy provided can speed up cell metabolism and provide an anti-inflammatory effect on tissue.

Continuous energy can provide;

  • Biostimulation is the terminology associated with stimulating healing and recovery at a cellular level, speeding up these effects.
  • Laser treatment is also able to provide a thermic effect which is caused by the absorption of light, causing a temperature increase in the tissue. This effect causes vasodilation, which increases the amount of oxygen that is delivered to the tissue.
  • Muscle relaxation can also be triggered due to the effects above, helping with muscle damage and strains.


Is a laser treatment safe?

While therapeutic high intensity laser treatment is considered to be safe to use and promotes healing processes within the body, the use of laser light can be potentially damaging to the eyes so protective eyewear is important to be worn during treatment.

Otherwise, the treatment itself is considered to be painless. It’s performed in a spiral or scanning motion (depending on the results that are to be achieved from the treatment), and aside from the thermal sensation within the tissue there is no noticeable discomfort.

There are also no side effects that are associated with a high intensity laser treatment, making it a brilliant treatment option for injuries or pain. There is a possibility that the treated area will have some slight redness directly following the treatment (but this should fade within a few hours following treatment) and, as with other forms of therapy, it’s also possible that there may be a temporary worsening of the condition, but again this should fade within a few hours of the treatment.


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