Audiology is all about helping to identify and assess any problems within the ears, such as hearing loss or balance issues, and any disorders presented by association. A nationwide hearing study showed that almost 16% of the UK population struggle with some form of significant hearing loss, which is why the field of audiology is a very important one.

In addition to the diagnosis of hearing problems, we also offer advice and support to those who are coming to terms with their hearing loss, and even provide a full hearing aid service to help those who are struggling to hear again.

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What happens during a hearing test?

As part of the audiology appointment, a hearing test will be carried out to determine the root cause of the hearing loss, and diagnose the severity. At the start of a hearing test, an otoscopy will be performed to check the general health of the ear and to see if there are any blockages like ear wax that could be causing problems. Using an otoscope, the audiologist will carefully look at the inside of the ear and ear canal before moving on to the next steps.

Starting with a discussion about the symptoms that are being experienced, the audiologist will try to find as much information about what could have caused them to happen, such as struggles within a loud working environment or certain hobbies that may expose the ears to louder volumes (such as live sporting events or music shows). From determining the cause, the audiologist will move forwards into finding out how his can affect everyday life, things like avoiding certain social situations or not participating in conversation with family can be a knock on effect of hearing loss and will only continue to deteriorate if left to get worse.

After discussing the potential causes and symptoms of hearing loss that are being experienced, the audiologist will then check bone conduction within the skull. During this process, the skull is vibrated to stimulate the inner ear and help to diagnose exactly where the problem is coming from. The overall goal is to find the cause of the problem and fix the loss, giving a patient as much of their independent hearing as we can.


What happens if you are diagnosed with hearing loss?

In some cases, the audiology exam may just find that the cause of the hearing loss is a wax blockage that has built up within the ear and an ear wax removal treatment will be able to fix the problem. In other cases though, the audiologist will have found the problem and will need to find the right solution to deal with your hearing loss.

The exact degree of hearing loss that is being experienced will be on a scale ranging from normal hearing through to severe hearing loss. These will be based on the outcomes that are recorded during the hearing test, and while some feel that they can hear better or worse than the results show, it’s important to start planning for the best way to manage the symptoms of hearing loss. For a lot of people, the best recommendation that we are able to provide to deal with hearing loss is the use of hearing aids.

How can The Nantwich Clinic help with hearing loss?

During the audiology appointment, we will discuss a number of different options and provide independent advice on how you can look to manage your hearing loss after the appointment is complete.

We are also able to provide hearing aids to patients who require them, which are available to have under a two week completely free trial to make sure that they are the right fit and solution for you.

All of our hearing aids come with a 5 year guarantee, and our audiology team are available to provide help and advice at every step of the journey. We understand that hearing loss can have a big difference on your quality of life, it can be taken for granted until it’s gone and the adjustment can be tricky to deal with.

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