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Physiotherapy Cheshire

Physiotherapy at The Nantwich Clinic Cheshire is designed to promote recovery from illness, injury or disability by restoring the movement capabilities to an individual. Our Cheshire based physiotherapist offers a holistic approach to treatment, alongside a constant assessment of the results leading to adjustments in treatment, the patient is always involved closely with every step of their care.

By providing education and advice alongside standard treatment practices, our  physiotherapy treatments can help to get you moving normally once again.


What can physiotherapy in Cheshire treat?

Physiotherapy is used to assess and treat a range of different problems, generally focusing on the musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, neurovascular and respiratory systems found within the body. Our specialist physiotherapists from our Cheshire clinic are predominantly focused on the musculoskeletal system to help to relieve pain and treat problems that are linked to the muscles, bones and joints.

By assessing the individual patients ability to perform any physical activity, physiotherapists monitor the range of motion, balance, co-ordination and strength to figure out what the treatment plan needs to include. For example, if the range of motion in a specific joint isn’t quite right then passive movements can be applied to help to loosen the injured area.

Physiotherapy can help at any point in life and can be used to help with different circumstances. It can be performed to help to manage a long term medical condition like arthritis, helping to reduce the amount of pain and increasing mobility. During treatment, a physiotherapist can show you things like how to safely lift objects or how to maintain good posture to help in managing certain life situations in a way that won’t cause more risk.


Do I need a GP referral to undergo physiotherapy?

While it is possible that any GP in Cheshire may refer you to a physiotherapist as part of a treatment recommendation, you do not actually need a referral to see a physiotherapist. Much like dentistry or other specialists areas, physiotherapy is an independent practice and can be booked completely separately.

Providing that you meet the criteria to be treated using physiotherapy, anyone is able to book a consultation to speak to a specialist about their needs.

Regardless of whether you have been referred for physiotherapy by a GP or not, your medical history will likely be checked at out Cheshire based physiotherapy clinic as part of the assessment process to ensure that the diagnosis and treatment plan are correct for you.

What methods do we use in our physiotherapy treatments?

Depending on the exact needs of the patient, there are a range of different techniques that we can use to help relieve pain and improve movement ability. These include;

  • Manual therapy – Manual therapy is a hands on therapy that is used to apply physical pressure to aid the treated area. This includes massage, mobilisation and manipulation of the target area.
  • Shockwave therapy – Shockwave therapy revolves around using high intensity acoustic energy into the tissue, leading to benefits with the blood flow and stimulation of collagen production.
  • Exercise and pilates – Tailored exercise programmes can help to alleviate pain and restore normal movement, and is a vital part of a good treatment plan.


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