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What Happened When I Rebalanced the Microbiome in my Gut

What Happened When I Rebalanced the Microbiome in my Gut | The Nantwich Clinic | Health Care & Self Care | Nantwich | Cheshire

A friend of mine had been on a detox journey and was looking amazing. He had taken the time and effort to eat carefully and use natural products to rebalance his Microbiome and he was looking incredibly well, had more energy and was sleeping better.

So I thought, what have I got to lose?

The Microbiome is a complex network of bacteria, fungi and microflora residing primarily in the gut. Recent Scientific discoveries have found that this network has an impact on virtually every system in our bodies. From Depression & Anxiety and other mental health illnesses to Parkinson’s and Diabetes, the bacteria in our digestive tract plays a significant role in our health.

The journey was in effect a Detox, which sounds scary and hard work – I had used detox products once in the past and felt as though I was starving myself. However, this time it began with eating fresh and natural for 5 days, and I have to say I didn’t feel hungry at all.

This followed with the addition of some natural products for 7 days which include clinically formulated nutrition to purify and reset the microbiome.

By this point I was already noticing a difference. I was sleeping better, had more energy and, blessedly, could feel my clothes feeling loser.

I do not suffer from any illness but know now that many people suffering from the likes of Crohn’s, IBS and Rheumatoid arthritis have felt improvements in their health as a result of resetting their microbiome too.
For the final 9 days it was back to eating mindfully – good, fresh, natural foods with no caffeine.

The whole 21 days passed easily and I felt and still feel great.

My whole outlook on food has changed, I no longer crave sweet and sugary snacks, in fact I don’t crave any snacks.
I know when I am hungry and only eat what my body needs and I am happy with that. By the end of the 21 days I had more energy, better skin, was sleeping better and had lost 10lbs!

Continuing to eat healthily and mindfully, by the end of the month I had lost a stone and was still feeling fantastic.

I would totally recommend resetting your gut and have already got members of my family doing the same thing. If it’s something you would like to know more about please get in touch.