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Living Pure Natural

Living Pure Natural | The Nantwich Clinic | Health Care & Self Care | Nantwich | Cheshire

We are delighted to announce the introduction of Living Pure Natural Products to The Nantwich Clinic.

Determined to work in harmony with nature and skin. We love that Living Pure Natural want to be able to describe to customers, suppliers and partners, the things they are most passionate about. They have put into words five values which live at their core and guide both the things they do and how they are done.

Wonder: actively playing with ideas and inspirations to explore fresh paths to creating wonder-full products.
Provenance: knowing and honouring where things come from whether herbs and flowers or ideas and processes.
Sensation: being alive to the scent, feel and look of the natural world to enable customers to feel sensational.
Rapport: forming relationships which go deeper than social conventions of courtesy and respect to thrive on empathy and mutual appreciation.
Zest: being excited about and committed to working positively with people and planet.

Living Pure Natural are proud to never use any animal testing, developing amazing products that benefit our planet – never using non-biodegradable micro plastics or microbeads in their skin care.

Please call in to the clinic to try the products, we’d love to share them with you!