Stretch Mark Treatment

A stretch mark is a specific form of scar that develops when the skin stretches or shrinks too quickly. This rather abrupt change causes the collagen and elastin found within the skin to rupture, and as the skin heals it causes the appearance of stretch marks on the surface. Stretch marks tend to be appear most frequently on the stomach, breasts and hips (but they can appear on other parts of the body).

Usually, stretch marks will appear much darker (generally a purple, pink, brown, black, red or silver colour) before they naturally fade over time but they won’t ever disappear completely.

Stretch marks

What can reduce the appearance of stretch marks?

As stretch marks are a specific form of scarring that form when the skin is stretched, they are perfect for being treated by the BTL X-Wave. The X-Wave system uses specialised acoustic waves to send vibrations through the skin and into the supporting structures, causing them to relax and stretch out. This relaxation results in a smoother appearance on the surface of the skin, resulting in an improved texture of the targeted area. The vibrations produced also help to enhance the circulation beneath the stretch marks, helping the area to heal at a faster rate and reducing the appearance of the existing stretch marks.

The vibrations also stimulate the production of collagen deep within the skin which, in a stretch mark that has been produced due to a rupture within the existing collagen, can provide a huge boost to the appearance. The collagen and elastin found within the skin are responsible for the elasticity and appearance of the skin, which becomes obvious when a stretch mark appears. The stimulation of new collagen can help the healing process to speed up which helps the stretch marks to fade and become less noticeable.

Stretch marks

Are there ways to prevent stretch marks from appearing?

Stretch marks are an incredibly common thing to experience, especially during pregnancy, but there are some things that you can do to help reduce the risk of developing stretch marks.

A good starting point is ensuring that you keep yourself hydrated and have the right nutrients in your diet is a good starting point. Drinking enough water will not only keep you hydrated, it helps to keep the skin soft too and softer skin poses a lower risk of developing stretch marks than dry skin. Alternatively, you can invest in a good moisturising routine to help keep your skin feeling hydrated and soft. With regards to the nutrients side of things, vitamins C, D and E all play a role in the health of your skin, along with zinc and protein.

Stretch marks treatment

What are the benefits of BTL X-Wave acoustic wave therapy?

In addition to the visible results that the BTL X-Wave treatment is able to provide, it is also;

  • Non-invasive
  • Painless and safe
  • Minimal risks and side effects
  • Fast treatment sessions
  • Immediate and long-lasting visible results
  • High patient satisfaction
  • Clinically tested and proven
The X-Wave fights symptoms of the ageing process in the body’s soft tissues and helps improve:
  • Cellulite
  • Loose Sagging skin
  • Stretch Marks
  • Scars

Please book a 15 minute consultation to allow one of our practitioners to assess and grade your area of concern, and create a treatment package specific to you and your individual requirements.

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